What does it mean: good garden furniture?

The once popular plastic garden furniture that had more in common with annual plant than with actual furniture, are on the decline. We are paying increasing attention to surround ourselves with fashionable, pretty and aesthetic items, but is that all there is to it?

Aesthetics first
When browsing for garden furniture we no longer have to limit ourselves to a table and four chairs of questionable visual value. Today the choice of forms – shapes, colors and textures – is wide enough for everyone to find something to their taste. Of course, we can decide whether we are looking for a fixed arrangement or something light, mobile and easily moved to another place.

Quality of make and materials
Another crucial factor is quality, both of materials used for making our furniture and of the make itself. First of all, we should choose furniture that will survive more than one season, which means that our purchases should be easy to clean and maintain, convenient and comfortable, and durable. Choosing furniture that meets the above criteria will allow us to enjoy it for years.